How To Reset Oil Change Light

Do you know the importance of knowing how to reset oil change light? When you change your vehicle’s oil filter and motor oil, you will most likely take it to the recycling point. After that, what should follow?

 When you activate the ignition, you will notice that the oil change maintenance light will still be illuminated. What to do? You have just changed your oil and at times, the light might require that you do reset it manually. To do so, it will vary from one model to the next and thus, I will take you through the several popular models and how to reset the light.

What Does Change Engine Oil Mean?

Change engine oil means that your oil needs to be changed. It involves removing the old oil from the engine of your vehicle and replacing it with fresh new oil. You will also have to change the oil filter at the same time.

The engine of a vehicle has so many moving parts. These parts move and rub on each other with the force of friction causing heat. The engine is lubricated by the oil and in the process, absorbs the heat allowing the internal parts to be able to work together very effectively and without having to overheat.

With time, the oil in the engine breaks and wear out becoming less effective at being able to lubricate the engine and absorb the heat. As the owner of the vehicle, you need to change the engine oil before it reaches that point of breaking and causing trouble to the engine.

How often you should do the engine change will depend on many factors which include how old your engine is, the way you drive, and where you stay. Most mechanics recommend that you do an engine oil change after doing 3000miles while manufacturers might recommend you do it after 5000 miles. But if you can afford some quality synthetic oil, you can even do it after 10,000 miles.

It is common for most people to do an oil change after 5000 miles but if you think to do it more frequent, then go with your preference especially if you like driving very fast, live in an area which is cold, hot, or dusty, or have an engine which is old.

It is possible to do the oil change by yourself but you will need to have fresh oil, an oil pan,  a new oil filter, an oil filter wrench, an oil pan, a funnel, ramps, or a jack to ensure that you elevate the vehicle.

To change the oil in an automobile is not a hard thing but it will take time. It could also be a dirty job if you are not careful with the oil. You can choose to take your vehicle to a mechanic or a specialist to oil change business to have it done professionally.

How To Reset Oil Change Light 

1. GMC Models And Chevrolet Modes That Don’t Have a VIC

If you have an older GMC and Chevrolet vehicles models without a vehicle information center, you will have to follow the below two steps for the light of oil change to be reset:

Get behind the wheel and ensure that all doors are closed.  Place the key into the ignition and rotate it to the position of accessory where the instrument panel will be able to illuminate.

Depress the accelerator pedal within the first five seconds when you turn the key, to the floor while keeping your eyes on the light of the oil as it is supposed to flash before it goes off. That is the time you will ensure that the pedal is released, the ignition is turned offand take off the key.

In case after the above procedure, it doesn’t go off, repeat the process until it does.

2. GMC Model And Chevrolet Model That Has A VIC

If your GMC and Chevrolet models are of the year 2006 and above, then it should have a vehicle information center and this makes the instruction on how for the light of oil change to be reset to be slightly different.

You will first of all have to turn the ignition key to the accessory position

With the display of the oil message on,  check the driver information center for the enter button, press and hold it for at least one second. The panel should acknowledge your reset immediately to allow you to move the key to the off position.

Start the vehicle and the oil change light will be able to stay off until there will be a need for another oil change.

3. Honda Accord

When you want to turn off the oil change light for Honda products including Honda accord, you will have to follow the following procedures:

You will have to insert the key into the ignition, without having to engine start.

Go on and locate where the select is, on the stem near the speedometer and keep pressing it until you see a wrench icon or word “oil” appearing. Press while holding the stem for at least 10 seconds or until you see the icon starting to blink.

Release the stem and proceed to hold select again for at least five more seconds. At this point, the oil change light should be able to disappear until when the next time for a due oil change. If it remains, then you will have to repeat the procedure until it disappears.

4. Jeep Wrangler

For Jeep products including a Jeep Wrangler, you will set the oil change light as follows:

Insert into the ignition the key and turn it on position without the need to engine start.

The gas pedal should be depressed slowly in three successive times in ten seconds

By now the system should have reset. Ensure to turn the ignition on and off for verification. If you find that the light hasn’t gone off, then you will have to repeat the procedure until the light goes off completely. If it goes off, then remove the key after turning off the ignition.

5. Ford Escape

If you want for the light of oil change to be reset for a ford escape you can do it using the following steps:

Turn key models

Turn the key to the indicator without having to engine start

For ignitions with turn key, press both the brake and the gas at the same time for about 20 seconds. It should be able to give you a message displayed on which says the oil is being reset

Push button start models

If it is a push button start model, with the engine off, push the button for start with foot off the brake pedal to be able to activate accessory position.

Press and ensure that you hold until reset complete appears on the screen

6. Dodge Ram Pickup

The procedure for resetting oil change light for a dodge ram pickup is as follows:

With the engine off, turn the ignition on

If the vehicle is keyless, start without having to press the pedal brakes, then try to push the engine to stop/start button, cycling the ignition to a run/on position without having to engine start.

Depress the accelerator pedal fully slowly three times within 10 seconds

Turn off the ignition

On the keyless vehicle start without the need to press the pedal brakes, then try to push the engine to  stop/start button once to return the ignition to the lock/off position.

Engine start. If the oil change light is still on when you engine start, repeat the procedure for resetting all over again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why won't my oil light go off?

It is an indicator of low pressure which could be due to low oil in the system or the pump is not circulating enough oil to be able to keep the friction and critical bearing surfaces lubricated. If it comes on while you are speeding, you should do your best to ensure that you pull off the road as fast as possible, turn the engine off and investigate the problem in order to avoid causing a lot of damage.

2. Why is my change oil light on when I just changed my oil?

If after the oil change the oil light is still on, it could be a sign for concern. The light is an indication of oil pressure not the level of the oil. If it happens, it could be bad for several reasons. It could mean that the critical friction and joint surfaces of the engine are not lubricated enough, which might lead to serious damage.

After an oil change and the light remains on, it could be that you have placed the wrong level of oil. Just like the low level, the high level could be the reason for out of range oil pressure. If you are sure about using the oil with the right viscosity rating, then just check the level. If it is above the level which it should be, you have to send it below the line.

3. How long can your car go without an oil change?

The thumb rule has been to do the oil change after going for 3000 miles or after every three months whichever comes first. But most vehicles nowadays are smart to give you an indicator when they require an oil change.

4. Is an oil change really necessary?

If you change your oil more than necessary, it will not help your car. The best oil recommended change intervals based on your car and your specifics could be:

After every six months or every 1000 miles

After every 3000 miles

After every 5000 to 7500 miles

After every 10000 to 15000 miles or every six months

5. How long can you drive with the oil light on?

If it is an oil pressure light, then it should mean you stop immediately. The oil change light on is a calculation of what is thought to be safe to drive the oil for at least the next 500 miles as long as your vehicle is in good repair condition. So before the 500 miles, you should be able to go for an oil change.


If you are not sure how to reset oil change light for your particular vehicle, then you should turn to your manufacturer’s manual where you will find the instructions in the section where motor oils are discussed. The steps might vary not by the just manufacturer but also by model and the year of manufacture.

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