RAM transmission fluid change

RAM transmission fluid change: 2022 RAM 1500 Transmission Services Offered Courtesy of Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram:

  • Transmission Filter Replacement
  • Stream Download
  • transmission repair
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • Transmission Restore
  • A complete 2022 RAM 1500 transmission service includes filter replacement, fluid change, flushing, gasket, hose and pan inspection, and a free multi-point inspection on all other components.

At Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, our talented mechanics specialize in repairing 2022 RAM 1500 transmissions and are OEM certified. Take a look at the amazing reviews from our online service department to see why thousands of delighted RAM 1500 owners choose us for fast, affordable and reliable auto repair.

Transmission fluid RAM 1500 2022

A transmission fluid change is typically half the price of a transmission flush, since it requires much less fluid and time to function properly. 2022 RAM 1500 transmission fluid changes are extremely vital to keeping your vehicle’s transmission cool and lubricated. If you don’t routinely and regularly change fluids at least every 30,000 miles or so, your 2022 RAM 1500 transmission may slip instantly. Check your car’s owner’s manual for more advice on the specific mileage intervals your transmission needs to have its fluid changed.

Transmission filter RAM 1500 2022

Changing the transmission filter on your 2022 RAM 1500 is not as easy as other filters on your vehicle. There are several essential components to your transmission filter, including the filter itself, which is typically a metal plate with a fiber material that traps contaminants. Your 2022 RAM 1500 will again contain a pickup tube, gasket, and rubber seal that may need to be replaced along with the filter. Your 2022 RAM 1500 transmission filter will need to be replaced every 30,000 or 50,000 miles. Be sure to check your vehicle’s maintenance guide for more details on mileage and time intervals. 

RAM 1500 2022 transmission download

A transmission flush typically costs twice the price of a fluid change due to the amount of laborious time the service takes and the fact that the flush not only replaces the fluid in the pan, but still removes unnecessary fluid. of the cooler lines and other components of your vital transmission. A 2022 RAM 1500 transmission flush still uses about 10 quarts of fluid to totally clean and flush the system.

How do you know if you need a transmission fluid change or a transmission flush?

Transmission flushing is only necessary if your system contains uncontrolled dirt or debris. If the fluid is noticeably dark or contains other sediment, we recommend a full system flush rather than just changing the fluid.

2022 RAM 1500 Transmission Problems

Common warning signs that your transmission is having trouble are:

  • Strange odors are a sign that the transmission fluid is burning inside the parts.
  • Transmission fluid leaks are the most common and important sign that you need a transmission fluid change, or potentially even a full flush service. It’s rare, but leaks could again mean there’s a problem with the transmission hose.
  • If you notice a strange noise or screeching when you shift gears, or if you feel the gears stick when you shift them, your transmission probably needs more lube or something more serious could be faulty.
  • One of the most common signs is when your transmission shifts but the result of those shifts is delayed.
  • A quickly apparent sign would be if the 2022 RAM 1500 transmission warning light is on.

If you are experiencing or think you may be experiencing any of these issues, call Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today and we will guide you through the step-by-step process of checking your fluid levels or you can bring your 2022 RAM 1500 to our certified qualified technicians. by the factory and we can correctly diagnose any issues your vehicle may have free of charge as part of our multi-point verification process.

2022 RAM 1500 Transmission Cost

The cost of a new 2022 RAM 1500 transmission could be upwards of $3,500 depending on the car; however, transmission services such as fluid changes and transmission fluid cleaning are much less expensive, in some cases costing less than $150. These services are critical to extending the life of your 2022 RAM 1500 transmission. At Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, we offer a large variety oftransmission repair specials and discounts on transmission parts. Call 8136948784 orschedule an appointment online Learn more!

2022 RAM 1500 automatic vs manual transmission

Automatic and manual transmission will often require a variety of different fluids. Automatic transmission fluids are generally thinner and are often red or green in color. Manual transmission fluid or gear oil is thicker and thicker due to the additives and other crucial compounds needed to lubricate the gearbox and other components. Manual transmissions have a higher friction environment due to the way the gears are shifted, so the lubricant is very different.

Not only are the fluids different between manual and automatic transmissions, but the level of heat experienced by the fluids is very different. Automatic transmissions generate a considerable amount of heat and therefore the transmission fluid must be changed more frequently. If you don’t change the transmission fluid in your 2022 RAM 1500, your transmission will have dangerous broken metal shavings and other corrosive materials scattered throughout the crucial components of your 2022 RAM 1500. You should check fluid levels frequently between your fluid and service. transmission flush intervals In many cases, manual transmissions do not come equipped with a dipstick to check fluid levels, so it can be extremely difficult to do so. Call or visit Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for more information if your transmission does not contain a dipstick.

2022 RAM 1500 Transmission Replacement

Automotive transmissions are very complex. Deciding whether to completely rebuild or replace a faulty transmission can be tremendously difficult. Often the decisive aspect is determining which parts are bad or failing. During a rebuild, Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram will completely disassemble your 2022 RAM 1500 transmission and carefully clean and check every part. This requires an extremely large knowledge of not only transmission parts, but also the cost of repair vs. replacement. It also requires knowing which parts are compatible. Our certified RAM Master Technicians specialize in transmissions and can carefully complete this process promptly and efficiently.

Replacing the 2022 RAM 1500 transmission is a much simpler option, however it can be more expensive in the short term. Price shouldn’t be your only concern when looking for a transmission replacement, especially on a 2022 RAM 1500. Having the newest, most compatible parts assembled by a factory-trained master mechanic can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. Which option is best for you is entirely up to you.

Transmission Flush vs Fluid Change

It is recommended that you change your transmission fluid between 20,000 and 60,000 miles. If you stay on top of this important service, you can expect a long and healthy life from your stream. There are two types of transmission services: transmission flush vs. fluid change.

What is a fluid change?

When you book a fluid change, you can expect some of the fluid to be changed in your transmission, but not all of it. This is a quick and simple process that will benefit the health of your drivetrain.

As transmission fluid ages and wears due to stress, it becomes less effective in protecting the various parts of the transmission. By changing the fluid, your car will enjoy better lubrication, better heat management, and your transmission will also be less likely to slip from one gear to the next.

What is a streaming download?

While a fluid change will replace some of the transmission fluid in your vehicle, a transmission flush will replace all of it. The process begins when our certified mechanics drain all of the transmission fluid from your vehicle. Once this is done, they can replace the fluid so that your car enjoys the best possible performance.

Each manufacturer has their own estimated mileage for when your vehicle should have a transmission flush. Some suggest every 30,000 miles, while others might say every 60,000 miles. You can find a recommendation for your specific car by consulting your owner’s manual.

The transmission flushing process takes about three to four hours. With the help of new age technology at our facility, we’ll work to get you back on the road as quickly as possible!

So transmission flush or fluid change?

Determining if you need a transmission clean or fluid change comes down to theperformance and mileage of your vehicle. If your car is around 60,000 or 70,000 miles and you’ve never had a clean transmission, it makes sense to get one. Completely draining and then refilling the transmission fluid is the best way to ensure durability and performance.

However, if your car is younger and you haven’t seen any performance issues appear, you may want to try a fluid change instead. The best way to determine what your vehicle needs is to go to the shop for an inspection. Our certified technicians will give you feedback and perform the service you want!

Ram 1500 Pickup Truck Reliability: How Long Will It Last?

The Ram 1500 worked its way to the number two best-selling truck in the US by offering solid reliability and longevity. But how long do these trucks really last? After fixing a few transmission issues in the early years, the average Ram truck is capable of over 200,000 trouble-free miles.


Key points

  • Your average Ram 1500 pickup will last 200,000 to 300,000 miles, according to reputable car owners and reviewers.
  • The average annual repair bill for a Ram 1500 is $691. This makes the Ram more economical to run than its biggest competition from Ford and Chevrolet.
  • Expect repair bills to start mounting after 100,000 miles, when more parts, like suspension and powertrain components, will need to be fixed.

Ram dealers say the 1500 will last up to 300,000, but the truth is it varies wildly

Dodge’s Ram 1500 had been a staple of the American truck scene since the 1970s and was a solid third in the market. In 2008, Fiat and Chrysler merged to create a new company. In 2009, the classic light truck was renamed simply the Ram 1500.


Starting in 2022, the Ram will only be outsold by the legendary Ford F-150. If you’re shopping for a new or used model and wondering how long the Ram 1500 truck will last, the quick answer is, up to 300,000 miles.


We got this issue from numerous automotive sources and Ram truck enthusiast forums. Vehicle History actual owner reviews also confirm that Rams have a longevity of 200,000 to 300,000 miles on average.


Some Vehicle History reviewers mention that they had to do some major repairs along the way, but many report having Rams dating back to 1999 with mileage numbers well over 200,000.


But does this mean that any Ram 1500 will last that long? Absolutely not.


Depending on who you ask, the answer to how long a Ram 1500 will last can vary wildly. Some owners have had problems with transmission failure under 20,000 miles, while others report getting to 200,000+ miles with only a few minor issues.


This is because not all owners treat their vehicles equally. Some Ram owners take their truck in for repair like clockwork, and others wait until something breaks.

Driving habits and intended use greatly affect a Ram truck’s chances of reaching 300,000 miles.

Not everyone has the same driving habits either. Some Rams spend most of their days sitting in a parking lot. Others transport equipment seven days a week. It seems obvious that trucks with less workload would last longer, but not always.


If you’re looking to buy a new Ram 1500, you have a lot of control over how far the truck will take you. With proper care, a new Ram 1500 can last up to 300,000 miles.


If you’re looking at a Ram that’s a few years old, you can still expect it north of 200,000 miles.

Regular maintenance is key to getting the most mileage, and the annual maintenance cost of the Ram 1500 is less than $700 less than most trucks.

The reliability of the Ram 1500 depends primarily on the year the truck was built. And how well it held up.


Repair Pal estimates that the average annual cost to maintain a Ram 1500 is $691. This is about $245 less than your average pickup, making the Ram 1500 relatively cheap to run.


For the first 30,000 miles or so, basic fluid changes and inspections are all an average Ram 1500 will need.


When your Ram hits the 100,000 mile mark, small components will start to show their age. The spark plugs, engine belts, and possibly the PCV valve will likely need to be replaced.


At 120,000 miles, your Ram 1500 will need a transmission service and all suspension components should be inspected.


If a fair amount of snow falls in your area, start looking for signs of rust around the 120,000 mile mark.


Most suspension components, like the tie rods and control arms, are coated to protect them from the elements. But, over time, tiny chips from road debris can wear away the coating.


Ram 1500 trucks are workhorses and if well maintained the truck will last over 200,000 miles or 15 years

When all is said and done, how long your Ram 1500 lasts is up to you. Technically, if you love your Ram and don’t mind the cost, you can keep it running indefinitely. You may have to replace an engine or transmission down the road, but what’s a $10,000 repair bill between friends?


However, for most people, there will come a point where the cost of maintaining your Ram will outweigh your affection for the old workhorse. For most owners, this number will land between 200,000 and 300,000 miles.

We hope the article about RAM transmission fluid change and the related information is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please let us one on our website Auto Oil And Fluid!



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