Lucas power steering fluid

Lucas Power Steering Fluid with Conditioners is formulated with the finest base oils and a special Lucas additive package that outperforms all others, providing smooth, quiet operation while conditioning seals to prevent leaks.



Improves steering response and feel.

Extends the life of pumps, rack and pinion gears, seals, cylinders and valves

Compatible with all petroleum and synthetic power steering fluids and systems.

Stops discoloration and foaming in high performance situations.



#10442 – 16 oz. (case of 12) – 13 lbs.

#10442-8 – 16 oz. (case of 8) – 8.5 lbs

Troubleshooting Power Steering With Lucas Power Steering Fluid

Conventional power steering fluids found on every parts shelf and in every parts store are generally designed for normal, everyday driving. Those power steering fluids are sometimes ATF, depending on the vehicle, and it can be confusing which one to use.

For high performance applications such as hard handling cars, even on race tracks on an open track day, conventional power steering fluid will sometimes show exactly why they are for normal everyday driving. We found out after a few laps at Willow Springs, when we went back to the pits to find that our conventional power steering fluid was exceeding its boiling point and bubbling out of the reservoir.


We had recently installed a new Borgeson conversion power steering kit, as well as a newly rebuilt pump and new hoses, so we knew we had a completely new system. We even installed a Derale power steering cooler to help keep fluid temperatures down, but highway racing proved too much for conventional fluid, and after a few laps we noticed the fluid was foaming and overheating.


When we got back home we made another trip to the local auto parts store and picked up a couple pints of Lucas Power Steering Fluid, and rinsed out the old fluid and filled the reservoir with the new. Lucas Power Steering Fluid has built-in conditioners that provide smooth, quiet operation and help condition seals and o-rings to prevent minor leaks.

It’s compatible with all power steering fluids and systems, whether they’re synthetic or petroleum-based fluids, so there’s no more guessing or trying to figure out which fluid to get. It also has a higher boiling point than conventional fluid and is designed to stop discoloration and foaming in high performance driving applications.


So what was the result after we drove back to Willow Springs with Lucas power steering fluid in our system? Success: We lost the slow speed chatter we had with the conventional fluid, and coming back to the pits and checking the tank after a very hot day and several fast laps, not a single bubble was found in the tank. The fluid Lucas handled it with ease and kept us on track, without worrying about overheating our steering system.


You can find Lucas power steering fluid with conditioners at most auto parts stores, or you can check their website and find a retailer near you. For small leaks in your existing system, you can also try Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak for leaks or rack and pinion problems, also compatible with all power steering fluids.

Power Steering Leak Stop Concentrate

Stops and seals power steering fluid leaks. Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate is specially designed to stop leaks in seals and o-rings caused by normal wear and tear on power steering. Works on rack and pinion drives, gearboxes, and pumps. It also keeps your power steering seals smooth and pliable. This product is non-corrosive, non-clogging and non-foaming.


Add Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Stop Leak to the power steering reservoir to restore the fluid level. Don’t overfill. Leaks usually stop in 200 miles or 3 days of driving. If leakage continues, a second application or mechanical attention may be required.

Bottom line: This is the easiest and least expensive fix when experiencing power steering fluid leaks, much less expensive than visiting a mechanic. And what you gain in time and money you don’t sacrifice in quality. With hundreds of thousands of units sold, our solution to stop power steering leaks has proven itself across the country.

Just follow our simple installation process so you can stop that leak and get your show up and running again in no time. While we’ve designed our power steering leak stop system and other solutions to be as simple as possible to install, we know you may still have questions. If so, our support staff is always available to provide expert guidance or answers to any questions that arise before, during or after using Bar’s Leaks products. Please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.



For nearly 70 years, Bar’s Leaks has been perfecting chemical repair solutions for a variety of automotive problems. We’ve created fast, easy, and effective solutions for power steering fluid leaks and leaks related to cooling systems, head gaskets, engine oil, power steering, transmissions, and other major vehicle systems. . Our team of world-class chemical engineers are passionate about meeting the needs of everyday drivers – car owners who don’t have advanced knowledge but still want solutions that fit their lifestyles and budgets.


Made in the USA, just an hour from Detroit, Bar’s Leaks products are your best choice when looking for products to stop power steering leaks. You will find other providers, but you will not find the same level of efficiency and effectiveness. When you want a fast solution to a variety of automotive problems, trust the expertise of Bar’s Leaks.

The best power steering fluids for your vehicle


As you may know, vehicles with power steering are much easier to drive due to their smoother, lighter steering. Of course, the power steering of your vehicle will only work perfectly if it is given good maintenance over time. To be more exact, you should consider regularly using something like the best power steering fluids in this article that have been selected based on these factors:

  • Quantity: Just like any other additive or fluid you might get for your car, you should also check the quantity or capacity of a given power steering fluid bottle. This is because different cars will require different amounts of power steering fluid and you need to make sure you have enough. Typically this will include options like 16oz, 32oz and even 128oz in some cases where 32oz should suffice for most.
  • Fluid Type – When shopping for a power steering fluid for your car, you can find both mineral oil and synthetic oil options. By comparison, synthetic oils are definitely better and more ideal for newer cars. On the other hand, older cars will only run on mineral oils because of their power steering pumps. So make sure you choose one of these accordingly.
  • Bottle Type – Although the bottle of your power steering fluid has nothing to do with its performance, it definitely affects the overall experience of adding power steering fluid to your car. This is because a long neck bottle is much easier to use than a short neck bottle when you have to work in tight spaces and don’t have a funnel with you.

Despite being some of the main factors regarding power steering fluids, there is still much more to consider. Therefore, all of the best power steering fluids mentioned here have all their main features and options alongside them. We have even given an extensive “Shopping guideand key FAQs on the best power steering fluids so you can opt for the most practical one after reviewing this list.

1. Honda Power Steering Fluid


Honda not only makes all kinds of parts and accessories for its vehicles, but they also offer OEM fluids that you can add to your car as needed, including power steering fluid.

Honda 08206-9002PE Power Steering Fluid is present at the top of this list as it is the perfect choice if you have an older Honda car. Since this Honda power steering fluid comes in a 3 pack, you get a total amount of 36 oz, which is pretty amazing. Although this power steering fluid is of the mineral oil type, which makes it ideal only for older cars.

Fortunately, you get other useful benefits with this power steering fluid, including its long-necked bottle that makes it quite easy to use. And because this is OEM power steering fluid, it will give the best performance without running into any issues.

Best features:

  • Includes 36 oz quantity of power steering fluid.
  • Mineral oil based power steering fluid
  • Use a long-necked bottle to store the liquid.


  • Perfect compatibility with Honda cars with this OEM power steering fluid
  • Quite high quantity at the given price thanks to a pack of 3 bottles.
  • Convenient long-necked bottles for easily adding power steering fluid


  • Only ideal for older Honda cars due to its mineral oil design.

2. Fram AS261 Power Steering Fluid

When it comes to additives and fluids to add to cars, Prestone can be a great choice for most users, offering amazing performance without charging a premium for it.

Prestone AS261 Power Steering Fluid comes in at the second position on this list as it is the best value for money option on offer here. For the affordable price given, this Prestone power steering fluid comes in a fairly large 32 oz package that should be enough for most. And the best part is that even at an affordable price, you’re still getting synthetic oil-based power steering fluid.

Taking a look at the bottle of this power steering fluid, this is where its entry-level price reflects, as it uses a short-necked bottle which is definitely not the most practical. But other than that, this is a high performance power steering fluid that offers a 50,000 mile life.

Best features:

  • Includes 32 oz quantity of power steering fluid
  • Synthetic Oil Based Power Steering Fluid
  • Use a short-necked bottle to store the liquid.


  • Power steering fluid with excellent value for money for home users
  • High performance power steering fluid thanks to its synthetic oil components
  • Easily lasts a long time for home use thanks to its given amount


  • Requires a funnel to add to your power steering due to the given bottle design

3. Lubegard 23232 Power Steering Fluid

Lubegard is a brand known for all kinds of lubricants and oils that is known for its high performance offerings which also includes a few power steering fluid options including the one below.

Lubegard 23232 power steering fluid is present in the 3rd position in this article because it is a high performance option that can be used in all types of cars. Starting with its included quantity, this power steering fluid comes in a 32 oz bottle which is definitely pretty good. More importantly, since this is a synthetic oil power steering fluid, it is also one of the best performing options out there.

While this power steering fluid bottle has a slightly longer neck design, it is not the same as other long neck bottles. But once you’ve added this power steering fluid to your car, it should offer amazing performance in both extremely cold and hot temperatures.

Best features:

  • Includes 32 oz quantity of power steering fluid
  • Synthetic Oil Based Power Steering Fluid
  • Use a short-necked bottle to store the liquid.


  • One of the best performing power steering fluids for high end cars.
  • It uses a synthetic oil base for better performance in both hot and cold temperatures.
  • Pretty good amount in a single bottle for most users.


  • The included bottleneck is not as long as other available options

4. Johnsen 4611 Power Steering Fluid

Johnsen is one of the most industrial and commercial automotive fluid and lubricant brands to consider if you are shopping for something for your commercial garage.

Johnsen’s 4611 Power Steering Fluid is included on this list as it is the most ideal option if you are looking for something made for heavy use in a commercial garage. This power steering fluid is great for heavy use mainly because of its given amount of 128 oz which is definitely much higher than others. And as you’d expect from a high-performance power steering fluid, this is also a synthetic oil.

Although this Johnsen power steering fluid uses a short neck bottle, that shouldn’t be a problem since you would most likely use a funnel at a commercial garage. More importantly, this high-quality power steering fluid conditions your power steering and prevents any future noise or slippage.

Best features:

  • Includes 128 oz quantity of power steering fluid
  • Synthetic Oil Based Power Steering Fluid
  • Use a short-necked bottle to store the liquid.


  • Excellent power steering fluid for heavy use in commercial spaces
  • Very good value for money considering the amount included
  • High performance power steering fluid with several benefits


  • It is not ideal for use at home due to its large quantity.

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