Windshield washer fluid walmart

Windshield washer fluid walmart: To stay safe on the road, it’s important to keep your windshield clean. At Capitol Toyota, we always recommend using windshield washer fluid instead of water when cleaning your windshield or refilling the reservoir.   With the amount of dirt, bugs, and road debris that accumulates on your windshield while driving, … Read more

What transmission fluid do I need?

What transmission fluid do I need? Automatic transmission fluid it is clearly different from transmission fluid made for manual transmissions. In the US, most passenger cars have an automatic transmission, which means the transmission automatically changes gears as needed; the driver does not need to take any action. Manual transmissions, on the other hand, rely … Read more

What is differential fluid?

What is differential fluid? Going around corners without clattering, jumping, or jumping is something that’s easy to take for granted. That’s all thanks to the differential (sometimes called a transaxle), which is a component that compensates for the difference in distance the inner and outer wheels travel when the car turns corners. The differential, which … Read more

What does transmission fluid smell like?

What does transmission fluid smell like? The transmission of our car is a vital component of its performance and safety. If your transmission starts to wear out, your car is likely having trouble driving properly, which could be dangerous. Read on for 5 signs your vehicle needs a transmission repair. 1. Smell of burning A … Read more

What color is power steering fluid?

What color is power steering fluid? There is nothing more disconcerting than walking away from your car that appears to be in mint condition, only to return to discover a puddle of mysterious fluid pooling under it. This does not bode well for your car and is usually a sign of a fluid leak. While … Read more

What color is brake fluid?

What color is brake fluid: Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that contributes to the efficient operation of your brake system. Your car’s brake fluid helps with pedal movement, as well as lubricates the system to help stop corrosion. If the levels get too low or the fluid becomes contaminated, the effectiveness of the brakes … Read more

Volkswagen transmission fluid change

Volkswagen transmission fluid change: Just because Volkswagen transmissions are low-maintenance doesn’t mean they should be completely neglected. A Volkswagen transmission fluid exchange is just one way you can keep your VW going for a long time. Let South Bay Volkswagen’s certified technicians give your VW sedan, hatchback, SUV or minivan the care it deserves, whether … Read more

Valvoline power steering fluid

Valvoline power steering fluid: VPS Power Steering Fluid is a fully synthetic fluid specifically formulated with specific additives to meet the demands of most power steering systems. Prevents leaks and squeaks under severe conditions and provides excellent protection against wear, copper corrosion, oxidation and foaming. This fully synthetic formula will help maintain proper viscosity in … Read more

Type a transmission fluid

Type a transmission fluid: This is a question that a customer who is interested in buying or working on a vintage car often asks one of our San Diego transmission experts. They may notice on the dipstick or owner’s manual that the car requires automatic transmission fluid, called Type A, which is no longer available. … Read more

Transmission fluid pressure sensor

Transmission fluid pressure sensor: In most modern cars, trucks, and SUVs, the transmission and internal components are monitored by a series of sensors and switches that transmit information to the ECM every millisecond. One of these components is the transmission oil pressure switch, which is designed to monitor the amount of pressure built up inside … Read more