CHF 11s power steering fluid

CHF 11s power steering fluid: Pentosin CHF 11S is a high performance synthetic hydraulic fluid for lifetime applications in modern vehicle aggregates. Pentosin CHF 11S is specially designed for hydraulic systems in the automotive industry with the highest technical requirements, such as: power steering, level control, shock absorbers, hydropneumatic suspension, stability and traction control, hydraulic systems for convertible tops, central locking systems, etc. It is suitable for all extreme conditions and guarantees full performance from -40 degrees Celsius to over 130 degrees Celsius system temperature.

Here’s how to choose the right power steering fluid for your car 

Power steering is a fluid driven by a pump that supplies fluid under pressure to our steering rack. This allows us to turn the steering wheel that turns the front wheels effortlessly. Those who have driven an older car without power steering will know how amazing this simple technology can be.

Older power steering systems are pretty simple. It consists of a steering rack, pressure hoses for the transfer of pressurized fluid, a pump that pressurizes the fluid, and a tank to monitor the status and level of the fluid. Like any other fluid, power steering fluid breaks down over time and can become dirty and filled with contaminants.

These contaminants come from the internal parts of the system, metal to metal contact eventually causes wear and the fluid picks up small metal particles. As the fluid circulates throughout the system, all of these dirty particles can find tiny crevices and eventually cause leaks or begin to cause abnormal wear on your power steering pump bearings. To prevent this and prolong the life of the system, we suggest replacing your power steering fluid once every 2 years or 24,000 miles.


Before the NXX family of car engines, ATF DEX III was used by BMW as original equipment fill oil in the power steering system. This was true of all cars except those equipped with active steering or hydraulic suspension. Cars that used active steering or hydraulic suspension were specified as CHF11S.

Currently, all original equipment catalogs have been updated to show CHF11S as the only option for the entire BMW lineup. If you have an older car and mix CHF11S it will shorten the life of your system. You can convert an older system to use CHF11S, but you must completely flush the system several times.

A good time to do this is if you have leaking hoses, and you will be replacing them along with the reservoir. Oh, you say your hoses don’t leak? They are going to! It’s a standard feature that none of us BMW owners have signed up for. Note that the reservoir has an internal filter that is not normally replaced during the life of the system. Again Lifetime does not mean it will last forever.

Is the P/S cap leaking? Of course it is! It is also a common feature of virtually all BMW power steering systems. Your replacement cap will now only specify the use of CHF11S fluid regardless of application. So if your old limit said you need to use ATF now, it will say to use CHF11S. The engineers finally said that it is cheaper to use the CHF11S logo on the cap than to make two different caps with 2 different part numbers.

If your BMW was filled with red fluid from the factory or belongs to cars produced before 2006, it will almost always have ATF DEX III filled in the power steering system. The only time CHF11 will be used before this is when the vehicle is equipped with hydraulic suspension. Don’t worry, very few of these cars made it to the US If you’re not sure what type of fluid your car should use, don’t hesitate and call our service team at (860)388-9001

. We offer a quality ATF DEX III fluid here:

1 Liter

Top Tec ATF 1200 (1 Liter) – Liqui Moly

If your car had active steering, hydraulic suspension, or was 2006 or newer, you most likely have CHF11S in your system. power steering.

We offer CHF11S and Liqui Moly central hydraulic system oil:

1 liter pentosine

CHF11s (1 liter)

1 liter Liqui Moly central hydraulic system oil

(1 liter)


The previous generation of Mercedes cars was equipped with power steering fluid based on the 236.3 specification. This was a fluid that had properties similar to transmission fluid and was yellow in color. Most Mercedes cars produced before the year 2000 used this fluid. Part No. 001 989 88 03 10. If your car was made in the 21st century, it is highly likely that the fluid used was CHF11S.

For the older generation we offer a Febi version

1– Febi

For newer cars we offer CHF11S and Liqui Moly central hydraulic system oil:

1 liter Pentosin

CHF11s (1 liter)

1 liter system oil Central hydraulic Liqui Moly

(1 Liter)


The previous generation of Volvo cars before 1998 used DEX III fluid as the original fill in the power steering system. At some point when the S80 came out and entered the market, Volvo changed the fill spec to CHF11S. After a few years around 2002 Volvo decided to change the fluid to CHF202. CHF11S is synthetic and CHF202 is partially synthetic. These two fluids are interchangeable and can be mixed.

For the older generation we offer DEX III

1 liter

Top Tec ATF 1200 (1 litre) – Liqui Moly

For the modern Volvo we offer CHF202, Rowe hydraulic oil and original Volvo fluid

1 liter

CHF202 (1 litre)

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Rowe Hightec ZH-M (1 litre)

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Genuine Volvo Power Steering Fluid (1 litre)


The previous generation of VAG cars were filled with simpler fluids. Today with the advancement of technology we have 2 easily compatible fluids. Many models from the early 2000s and later are factory filled with CHF202. Most models produced between 1989 and 2005 can use CHF11S.

The good news here is that both CHF11 and CHF202 are completely interchangeable and are the same color (green). Most models produced before 1989 have had their systems filled with DEX II transmission fluid. DEX III is perfectly fine to use. The older system can be converted to use CHF11 or CHF202 only by flushing the entire system. Do not mix ATF and CHF fluids.

For the older generation we offer DEX III

1 liter

Top Tec ATF 1200 (1 liter) – Liqui Moly

CHF11S is offered here for modern VAG products

1 liter

CHF11s (1 liter)

1 liter Liqui Moly

Central Hydraulic System Oil (1 liter)

For the who wish to use CHF202 we have it available here

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CHF202 (1 Liter)

What is Tractor Hydraulic Fluid?

Did you know that tractor hydraulic fluids are NOT the same as other hydraulic oils? Please don’t use that extra bucket of hydraulic fluid or “303” fluid you have in the shop on your tractor. Tractor hydraulic fluids are specifically designed to serve multiple functions including transmissions, differentials, final drives, hydraulics, power take-offs, power steering, and wet brakes.

Tractor hydraulic fluids go by several different names, but they all mean the same thing. You may hear “torque converter fluid”, “UTTO” which stands for “Universal Tractor Transmission Oils”, “Hydraulic Tractor Oil”, “UDT” which stands for “Universal Dynamic Tractor Oil” and others.

Many different companies make universal tractor hydraulic fluids that will work for most farm and industrial tractors. Always consult your owner’s manual or call your dealer for the correct specifications. You can also check the THF specifications to see if your tractor is listed as compatible. 

Also, did you know that the dealer you purchased your tractor from cannot require you to use their products/services to maintain warranty coverage unless they provide it free of charge?  

THF comes in different formulations. Some of the options that Schaeffer Manufacturing offers include biodegradables for environmentally sensitive areas, low viscosity for colder/winter applications, conventional, and semi-synthetics.

Using any liquid labeled “303” can damage your equipment! Prior to 1974, John Deere made and sold a THF called the “JD 303”. John Deere discontinued production and the 303 designation has been obsolete for over 40 years. Some manufacturers and sellers of lubricants have been producing and selling THF as “303” in bright yellow buckets.

We’ve all seen them stacked in a prominent place at the various manufacturing and farm supply stores at a great price. This 303 THF does not generally meet any manufacturer’s specifications, is made from inferior components and is not suitable for use as a tractor hydraulic fluid. These mislabeled 303 fluids can cause damage, increase wear and tear, and damage your equipment. Several states have pending lawsuits pending against the manufacturers and sellers of these products. That $29 bucket is a lousy investment.

We have found the following quote to be correct (so to speak) and we think it bears repeating! 

It is not wise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money, that’s all. When you pay too little, sometimes you lose everything because what you bought couldn’t do the thing it was bought to do. The customary law of trade balance prohibits paying little and getting a lot; It can not be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it’s good to add something for the risk you take, and if you do, you’ll have enough to pay for something better.

No matter what color or brand your tractor is, buying and using a high-quality THF will provide you with many benefits. Some of these are reduced operating temperatures, reduced system wear, increased operating efficiency, and potentially longer service intervals.

We hope the article about CHF 11s power steering fluid and the related information is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please let us one on our website Auto Oil And Fluid!



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