Top 8 Best 0w-20 Synthetic Oil Reviews

Do you know what 0W-20 in the best 0W-20 synthetic oil? It is a particular type of code which is an indication of the viscosity of the oil. The W represents winter certification, the 20 represents the viscosity of the oil when at a temperature which is higher. When the oil number is lower, it denotes that, its thickness is high enough. It is likely going to give a performance which is tremendous in whatever condition even when it is extreme.

But it is important that you add oil as it is very important. When used, engine life is lengthened, increasing efficiency and power. It makes the engine flexible and smooth. While in the market, you will come across different categories of engine oils which you will have to choose from. But it is preferable that you go for the synthetic oil for your automobile. This is because it has a higher lubricating power as compared to other oil. This could be the reason why it is in high demand.

Top 8 Best Of OW-20 Synthetic Oil Reviews

1. Mobil 1 120758 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 120758 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil
Mobil 1 120758 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

I liked this product due to the properties which it possesses. It is manufactured in the USA, has an advanced full synthetic formula which makes it have the ability to prevent sludge and deposits from building up. With that in mind, it means that it is an oil which will elongate your engine life.

When it comes to the overall wear protection and lubrication, it is excellent with various driving styles. It has outstanding oxidation and thermal stability and that is something great. The aforementioned characteristics will ensure that you get the maximum use of your car engine.

With enhanced friction qualities which are enforced by oil change which is done regularly, apart from saving in regard to fuel economy, it is an oil which is going to aid in capabilities of superior temperatures which are low. It is an oil which is general purpose and thus, you can be able to use it in several types of engines including light vans and vehicles, to turbocharged.

  • It is a dexos 1 engine oil which is approved
  • It is an oil which is a general purpose
  • It is an anti-war, anti protection
  • It has a good price
  • It has a suitable viscosity
  • It has anti-wear protection
  • Can become burdensome when you are refilling oil that is used
  • It cannot be used in aviation engines or two-cycle engines

2. Castrol 03124 EDGE Advanced Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03124 EDGE Advanced Fully Synthetic Motor Oil
Castrol 03124 EDGE Advanced Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

It is a full synthetic oil which I consider to be high quality and one of the most reliable products which I have reviewed. You get more confidence knowing that, it is manufactured by a reputable company – Castrol. Due to the fact that it is fully synthetic, it offers great mileage and high performing.

When it comes to overall performance, this oil will not disappoint you. its formulation surpasses the performance of other oils. In fact, its advanced formula will give your engine strong pressure which is important for maximum fuel efficiency and output of power. You will not need to worry about your engine and other parts of the engine wearing out faster as this oil offers total protection.

Its high ability of lubricating ensures that there is a movement which is smooth. Rather than the metals gliding, they slide smoothly and this, in turn, saves the engine components from tearing wearing off.

Apart from lubrication, the oil tends to be very effective when it comes to ensuring that the engine is clean. With the wear of the engine being on a mere minimum, it means that there will be little deposits. And due to the fact that the oil is going to maintain a viscosity which is ideal, it will help to ensure that your engine is clean. It is oil which is highly recommended by manufacturers of vehicles.

  • It can withstand high pressure
  • It has a great price
  • It keeps the engine clean
  • Lubricates the engine
  • It uses titanium technology patented Castrol
  • Not the best oil for an engine cold start

3. AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil

AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil
AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Is this your motor oil of choice? Then it is important to know everything about it. It is a high mileage synthetic oil with 5 quarts. It is going to provide your engine with great protection, making it great engine protection and a choice which is perfect for engines which have done more than 75,000 miles, meaning they have longer drain intervals.

This is an engine oil which is known for cutting down on the friction, increasing the speed of pre-ignition, giving you better fuel economy, and providing your engine with protection from wear.

It is a motor oil which reduces thermal breakdown, viscosity, engine emission, and deposits. With this particular oil, you will likely feel reliable to place it in your engine, which is a great part of your vehicle, to enhance its performance.

  • One of the best quality synthetic oil
  • It is a high mileage oil
  • It offers great protection to your engine
  • It is good on cutting down on engine friction
  • It helps in cleaning the engine
  • It has a horrible bottle

4. Royal purple 51020 API-High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

Royal purple 51020 API-High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil
Royal purple 51020 API-High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

When I was comparing the various types of high performing motor oils, I found this one to be among the many. Remember that, the company which manufactures this particular oil, Royal Purple company, made its name by working with race cars. This means that the brand knows something about ensuring that, the oil is able to perform even when under the highest pressure possible.

On the overall, it is an oil which is fully synthetic which is designed to ensure that, your engine is protected from metal contact on metals in whatever condition.

Whether you are zipping the track of the race, or just going to do some shopping in the next door mall, your car is going to perform great if what I have witnessed with my own car, using this oil is anything to go by.

I will only recommend that you get this particular oil if your car is able to handle it. Even though it seems to be finicky with some models and makes of cars, it is good to note that, it is compatible with ethanol-based fuels and also the engine oils.

  • Recommended by mechanics
  • Improved compatibility with fuels which contain ethanol
  • Better wear protection
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Not recommended for all types of cars

5. Valvoline SynPower 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Valvoline SynPower 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil
Valvoline SynPower 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

The overall performance of this motor oil is great since it is fully synthetic which makes it has improved efficiency. It is an oil which will ensure that you save on fuel. It is designed to be used in low and high temperatures. And one cool thing about it is that it doesn’t lose its protection easily.

The high-temperature viscosity prevents it to thin easily. And with low-temperature tolerance, it maintains its performance throughout. Unlike other conventional oil, this one has a high mileage range which can be attributed to the formulation that gives it an excellent balancing.

So even if you happen to be driving on the extreme temperature it remains constant. It helps the engine to run smoothly due to the anti-wear additives. It tends to be compatible with turbocharging and supercharge vehicles.

  • Cleans the engine
  • Great anti-wear additives
  • Improved mileage
  • It increases fuel efficiency
  • Compatible with turborchage and supercharge vehicles
  • Its canister is not ergonomic and thus difficult to use

6. Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil

Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil
Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil

It is an engine oil which is compatible with high range vehicles and ideal for modern American and Japanese gas engines, keeping them alive and new. Due to the fact that it has a heavy duty formulation, you will use it for long before a need for change.

Unlike the synthetic oils which are blended, this is pure synthetic oil and that could be the reason its lubrication is enough. Even when you are doing the oil change, you will find it still looking clean. This means that the wearing rate of your engine is low thereby translating to efficiency for a long time.

The combination of the additives which are superior are the ones which are making the protection to be on a higher level. It is an oil which maintains great efficiency of the engine. With proper engine performance, it maintains or minimizes fuel consumption.

With a formulation which is premium, it is very hard for this particular motor oil to let you down. You can use it any time of the year, regardless of the season. It is an oil that you can use in any brand of the car safely.

  • Works well with modern American and Japanese cars
  • It is ideal for high mileage vehicles due to fuel efficiency
  • It improves vehicle performance
  • It is 100% synthetic
  • It is made in Germany
  • Perfect for cold starts and hot weather
  • It is pricier as compared to similar oils

7. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil
Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

If you decide that, this particular motor oil is what you will carry home to use in your vehicle, then it is best to know that, it will definitely keep your engine safe. It eliminates engine wearing and ensuring that you maintain your original engine.

Instead of the engine metals grinding each other, it creates a sliding layer and thus, eliminating friction. Performance is improved by its pure synthetic formulation. Unlike what the petroleum oil does, this oil cleans and eliminate engine sludge.

It’s high ability to ensure that it holds viscosity makes it more score as compared to others. The good news is that it is not affected by extreme conditions, making it be rated as one of the 0W-20 synthetic motor oil that is currently on the market.

Its canister is very ergonomic and thus, it makes it easy to lift. The can have double handles, making it comfortable to hold. It is a trusted synthetic oil from Pennzoil.

  • Cleans pistons
  • It is pure synthetic oil
  • The can is ergonomic
  • Faster low-temperature oil flow
  • Protects against wear and tear
  • Made in the USA
  • Less mileage than competitors

8. Zepro 30010095 Eco Medalist Advanced Moly 0W-20 Engine Oil

Zepro 30010095 Eco Medalist Advanced Moly 0W-20 Engine Oil
Zepro 30010095 Eco Medalist Advanced Moly 0W-20 Engine Oil

This oil is great to ensure that, your vehicle engine is protected. It is equipped with stop-start technology and thus, great if you re operating in conditions that are severe in a city. It has an advanced formulation of molybdenum which is good at reducing friction in the engine and maximizing engine performance and efficiencies.

Its superiority is due to its chemistry, which ensures that it will give you more balanced performance for your engine while increasing its engine life. Advanced performance and friction modifiers additives which are in this product combines to give the product an ultra-low friction operation. You will be able to get it both 1 and 5-quart containers.

  • Its chemistry ensures a performance that is balanced
  • Better engine efficiency which extends its life
  • Manufactured by a reputable company
  • Made in the USA
  • Stop-start technology is good for those operating in severe city driving conditions.
  • It is expensive

What is 0w-20 Synthetic Oil?

The 0 refers to the viscosity of the oil when at a temperature that is low while the 20 refers to the viscosity when at high temperature. The ability of a liquid to flow is affected by its viscosity meaning, the less viscous the oil happens to be, the better it is going to flow. The W denotes that the oil is certified for use during winter.

Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil

You might be wondering why you should have to give out more money when it comes to synthetic oil as compared to conventional oil and that is why I saw a need to discuss the difference between the two.
Visually, it is very hard to tell the difference between the two oils but there are two main differences with synthetic being more refined as compared to conventional. The way the two-run your car is totally different.
Given the same amount of wear and tear, the synthetic oil tends to protect your vehicle more than the conventional due to creating less level of engine friction. The additives in the synthetic oil help in ensuring that, the engine is cleaned well of deposits. With fewer impurities, it means the burn is cleaner, slowly and thickens well and thus fewer deposits.

1. Benefits Of Synthetic Oils Vs Conventional Oils

  • Emissions are fewer
  • Better oil and fuel economy
  • Increased protection of your engine and wear due to low friction
  • Oil change intervals are long
  • Helps to ensure that your engine is cleaned of deposits and sludge
  • Reduces the engine drag from greater resistance when it comes to thickening
  • It gives a quicker start time of the engine
  • Oil quality and effectiveness is uniform and more predictable
  • All weather protection is high
  • Synthetic oil has been considered by many vehicle owners as the most effective and efficient oil. It is designed to give high performance. But due to the process of manufacturing it, it tends to be expensive.

2. Beliefs In What The Best Oil Might Be

  • When it comes to the best, it is the synthetic oil
  • Whet it comes to better, it is the synthetic blend
  • When it comes to the one which is good, then it is the mineral motor oil

It is important to note that, there is no oil which is classified as being bad. You will need to refer to your manufacturer’s manual to know which is the best oil for your type of car

3. The Real Thing Between Synthetic Oil Vs Traditional Oil

  • In the short term budget, the gas mileage will not be an automatic difference
  • On the overall, the extra engine protection might be worth the extra cost
  • When comparing the cost, synthetic oil tends to be up to 10 times the price of the traditional oil
  • If you change to synthetic oils, it might help in ensuring that the deposits which are plugging leaks are cleaned
  • You have an option of switching between synthetic oil and traditional oil as you wish without impacting negatively on your engine
  • All cars tend to get advantages from the additives which are in the synthetic oils

How To Pick the Right Motor Oil for Your Car

When it comes to picking the right oil for your type of car engine, my guide is here to help you in breaking down the several choices that you have to help in ensuring that, you get the right pick.

Given the many options which are available in the market, choosing the right one might be overwhelming. And with a lot of information out there about the various oils, you will need to first of all, go through your car’s manufacturer’s manual.

The manual will be able to list all the recommended oil weight. It will explain what the weight is all about and how you can be able to adjust based on the type of seasons. Ensure that, when you are choosing the oil, get one with a starburst symbol an indication that, the oil is one which has been tested by the API, American Petroleum Institute. The container should also have an SL which refers to the group of engine and laboratory tests.

You will then have to choose the viscosity of the oil which is suitable for your type of engine and temperature where your vehicle operates from. The above are just the basics but other factors you will have to consider include:

1. Understanding The Labels

Most reputable oils have particular labels which you will have to look out for. The donut of the API label is an indication that the oil has met the SL ratings. It provides the SAE viscosity number and informs you if the oil has passed the conserving energy test or not. With a starburst, it is an indication that the oil has been able to pass through the tests which are listed for SL service.

2. Viscosity

The resistant of fluid to flow is referred to as viscosity. When it comes to motor oil, it is normally rated at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The oils tend to thin as they heat and normally thickens when they cool. So when it has the correct additives, it will help in ensuring that, it doesn’t thin too much. The oil has a different viscosity when hot and when cold.

The resistant is normally when it comes to thinning, meaning, the higher the second number in the series like 10W-40, 10W-30, the better it’s thinning. This is due to the factor that, when the oil is thicker, it tends to seal better, maintaining a better lubrication film between the parts in the engine which are moving.

When the oil has an as low temperature at the end, it tends to have thickening resistant, flowing easily to all your engine parts. When the oil is too thick, the energy required for the engine to move the crankshaft is more. When the thickness is excess, it might be hard for you to start your vehicle engine, reducing fuel economy.

For winter use a 5W viscosity is recommended. But when it comes to synthetic oils, they are formulated in a way that, even if it is cold, they can easily flow and thus, pass the test which meets the 0W rating.

When the engine is running, the oil heats up. The second number in the viscosity rating of 10W-40, 40 in this case, will be able to tell you that the oil will stay thick when at high temperature than when it is at 10W-30, 30 for this case. But the most important thing is that you stick to the viscosity that your car manual prescribes.

How to change your car’s oil using 0w20 synthetic oil

Changing your car’s oil is a simple process that only requires a few tools and some time. The most important part of the process is choosing the right type of oil for your car. 0w20 synthetic oil is a great choice for most vehicles, as it offers superior performance and protection against wear and tear.

To change your car’s oil using 0w20 synthetic oil, you’ll need:

· A jack

· A tire iron or lug wrench

· A funnel

· New oil filter(s)

· Oil catch pan

· 0w20 synthetic oil

The first step is to make sure that your car is parked on a level surface and that the emergency brake is engaged. Next, use the jack to raise your car’s chassis until the wheels are off the ground. This can be done by inserting the jack into the designated spot and pumping the handle up and down.

Once the car is raised, use the tire iron or lug wrench to remove the lug nuts that hold the wheel in place. Be careful not to drop any of the lug nuts, as they can be difficult to find once they’ve fallen into a puddle or onto the street. Once the lug nuts have been removed, pull the wheel off of the car and set it aside.

Pros and cons of using 0w20 synthetic oil in your car

There are pros and cons to using 0w20 synthetic oil in your car.


-0w20 oil is thinner than traditional oil, so it flows more easily and reaches important engine parts more quickly. This can result in better fuel economy and a reduction in wear and tear on your engine.

-Many synthetic oils are fortified with additives that can help keep your engine clean and running smoothly.


-Some synthetics can be more expensive than traditional oils.

-You may need to change your oil more often if you use a synthetic oil.

Overall, using a 0w20 synthetic oil in your car can have some major benefits, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

FAQs about best 0w-20 synthetic oil

1. Is 0w 20 oil always synthetic?

Not always as at times, it could be blended with conventional oil.

2. What is the best 0w 20 synthetic oil?

There are several brands in the market to choose from and you will have to get the brand which you trust most. All the leading brands tend to have some of the best 0W-20 motor oils however, based on the popularity, price, and performance, there are some which tend to get special attention from the users. Just go for what you think will be the best for your engine

3. Can I use 0w 20 oil instead of 5w20?

Both the oils are identical once the car is placed up to temperature. The difference, in this case, is in how the oils thin when the car is cold. Neither the 5W nor 0W flow well in the cold to be able to lubricate the engine properly. But the 0W tends to be a bit thinner and thus, does less harm to your engine in cold temperature. But I will not advice switching a thinner oil than the one recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

4. How often do you need an oil change with synthetic oil?

This varies from one vehicle to the next due to the fact that the stress of one car is different from the next. But a good practice could be, do the change between 3000 miles to 5000 miles. But refer to your car’s user manual. There are manufacturers who make certain recommendations.
Is synthetic oil better for high mileage cars?
I would say yes due to its quality and other advantages that it brings to the car as discussed in this article above and more so, for vehicles which cover high mileage. If you stay in areas with extreme cold or hot temperatures, then it is best that you stick with synthetic oils to be sure that, your engine is well protected.

5. How long does synthetic oil last 0w20?

It all depends on how you’re using it. If you’re changing your oil every 5,000 miles, synthetic oil will last about twice as long as conventional oil. But if you only change your oil every 10,000 miles, synthetic will only last about 50% longer. So it really depends on the vehicle and how you drive it.

6. Is 0w20 synthetic oil good for? a turbo engine?

Again, it depends on the vehicle. For most turbocharged engines, 0w20 synthetic oil is just fine. But there are some exceptions, so it’s always best to check with your mechanic to see what kind of oil your engine needs.

7. What is the difference between synthetic and conventional oil?

The biggest difference between synthetic and conventional oil is that synthetic oil is made from man-made chemicals, while conventional oil is made from natural oils. Synthetic oil also lasts longer than conventional oil, and it typically performs better in extreme temperatures.

8. What is 0w20 synthetic oil used for?

0w20 synthetic oil is most commonly used in high-performance cars, because it can withstand higher temperatures and provide better performance. But it can also be used in any car that requires 0w20 oil.

9. Is 0w20 a synthetic oil?

Yes, 0w20 is a synthetic oil. It’s made from man-made chemicals, which makes it different from conventional oil, which is made from natural oils.

10. What kind of oil is ow20 synthetic?

0w20 synthetic oil is a type of motor oil that is made from man-made chemicals. It is often used in high-performance cars, because it can withstand higher temperatures and provide better performance.

Conclusion best 0w-20 synthetic oil

​I hope you enjoyed reading my take on the Best 0w-20 Synthetic oil  in the market. My goal was to ensure that, your process of making a decision for you becomes easier so that you can make the right purchase. Depending on your type of driving and vehicle, I am sure that you will get the right fit for your needs. Ensure that your choice is complying with the OEM recommendations. All the factors are very important including the appropriate service/viscosity level and your application.

As seen in the reviews, the 0W-20 oils are very important in protecting your engine and thus, good value for money. Also, the additives and the other features make them be a great choice to go for them. Everyone’s dream is to invest in quality oil and thus, no need to struggle anymore. Give your vehicle an ultimate treat using the above information.

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